Meet our One Star Director Lydia Venus

Lydia is a busy Mum to 3 who joined purely to save on her own travel. As a family of 5 holidays became expensive, so when she discovered she could earn back on all her travel she knew she had to join and help other families do the same.

Lydia joined in August 2020 and has been extremely successful. She has helped over 160 families earn back on all their own travel and create successful travel businesses bringing in extra incomes to their homes.

She has saved thousands on her own personal travel, as well as booking over £75,000 worth for friends and family.

When she joined she worked full-time as an Executive Assistant looking after 4 busy Managing Directors. Thanks to this business she has been able to go part-time reducing her hours and dropping a Friday completely. This has allowed her to have 1:1 with her youngest every Friday before he starts school. She is also there to pick up the children from school and take them to all their after school activities.

When she said YES to joining in 2020 she had no idea what was about to happen, she has become a business owner, a mentor and coach, makes a full time wage online from a side business and created a willable income for her children.

If Lydia can do this, so can you!


A small collection of our Travel Sorority Agents, all now earning from Travel


"Being a supply teacher I wanted a business that allowed me and my family to travel for less in the school holidays.

I have now completed my Disney specialist training and have booked over £87,000 worth of Disney travel for friends and family."


"I am a travel mad Dad of two beautiful girls. I work as many trips as possible around my 9-5 job as an Architect.

I love spending most of my spare time researching and planning travel, so figured I might as well earn whilst doing it.

I specialise in ski-ing trips, my last holiday booked for a client was over £22,000"


"When I found out about this business, I instantly thought this has got to be too good to be true. I’m rarely this happy to be wrong!

I have booked over £75,000 for friends and family. I absolutely adore my business and finding amazing deals for my clients.

I work full time and a busy Mum to a 1 and 3 year old, I love knowing I’m creating a better life for them working a business that works around me."


"When I saw this opportunity I couldn't say no! I now make considerable savings for my family with our love for luxury holidays.
I have booked over £40,000 worth of holidays for my family, friends and clients.
I am so excited for the future of my business!"


"When I first heard about the business, I instantly thought;
why have I not heard about this sooner?!

Being a Mum to 2 under 2, I love being able to work from my phone around all my other commitments.

I am now a UK Staycation Specialist helping my family and friends explore the UK at incredible prices."


"This is an industry that I love and been apart of it since I left college... a very long time ago! When the pandemic took me out of the industry I needed to get back in. Having this business was the perfect opportunity.

You can do as little or as much as you want but the rewards and savings are epic. I have now booked over £30,000 for my family, friends and even friends of friends which has enabled my little family to have more adventures."


"When I heard I could have my own travel franchise I was all in straight away. Joining the business has allowed me to travel in luxury and show my little girl the world without paying those high end prices.

I have saved over £25,000 worth of travel, and earned incredible commission back. It’s crazy to think I’m simply booking holidays and days out my friends and family would be booking anyway.

Working along side like minded people has really brought me back to life. This is not just a business, I’ve made friends for life and have a exciting future ahead.”


"Although I have a degree in Travel and Tourism, I have never had the opportunity to get into the travel industry until now.

I have booked £30,000 worth of travel for family and friends, and absolutely loving it! I love the flexibility to work around my children, and being no longer restricted to annual leave which allows me to travel so much more for a lot less!"


"I wanted an online business that I could do from anywhere, and what better than travel.

I love to travel! Before doing this I was cabin and ground crew at Birmingham Airport, as well as a Manager in a high street Travel Agents, so to say travel is in my blood is an understatement.

I have such an incredible team who all adore this business. I have saved over £15,000 on my own travel and absolutely love the flexibility this gives me around my two gorgeous girls"


"When I saw this opportunity, I was so excited, I wanted to travel more and earn from it. It wasn’t long after joining I started booking for friends and family, working this flexibly around my already busy lifestyle, earning an extra income, with the most supportive team, plus ticking off our bucket list as a family.

I have booked over £25,000 worth of travel for family and friends, and have saved over £1,000 on my own personal travel. The first trip I booked with my husband and two boys was Disneyland Paris where we saved £800. Seeing the saving and money we earned back from it made me instantly realise I had made the right decision joining the travel program. I can’t wait to make more memories with my family.”


"I am a Mum to 2 girls as well as working part time as a Primary School Teacher, and running my own makeup and beauty business.

I love to travel with family and friends so knew this business would be perfect to allow me to earn and save on my travel.

I joined after the summer and have booked over £35,000 worth of travel so far. I have also saved hundreds on my own personal trips abroad and in the UK all because I switched my booking system."


"I jumped at this opportunity when I saw how it could enrich my life!

I wanted an online business that I could do from anywhere, and what better than travel - there's no better benefit then a 5* holiday!

I now work with an incredible team, and have booked over £30,000. My future for my family and I is so exciting because of this business.”



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