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We are Independent Travel Business owners which means we can book travel as agents and earn commission on everything that we book.

Every booking you make either direct to hotel or through a booking site has commission built in. By becoming an Independent Travel Agent you can save all the commissions on your own travel, as well as earning commission by booking for friends and family too. 

Joining this business will enable you to travel more and be smart with your future bookings, all whilst being paid to do it. Whether you just want to book and save on your own travel, earn commissions by booking for others or if you're looking to build your own team of agents this is the business for you.


As you are now aware, we have our own booking engine directly through the travel agency website, on top of this we have made partnerships with many of the huge household names we all know and love within the travel industry.

We have our own direct logins with over 75 partners. This means that all of the holidays and travel you and your client base would have been booking through, you are now able to book for them and you earn a chunk of that commission.

Our Preferred Partner directory is always growing and new partnerships are always being made to bring us the biggest variety and quality for our businesses.

We can offer a vast array of products to our customers including, but not limited to, all inclusive package holidays, skiing trips, hotels, lodges, villas, flights, activities, theatre tickets, travel insurance, transfers, airport parking, cruises, river cruises, tours and travel visas.


With our incredible Travel Program you receive so much more for your business:


Earn commission back on all 
your travel saving you money.
Earn commission by booking
for family and friends.


Access to exclusive Facebook groups, marketing tools, our incredible team community and 
1-2-1 support and mentoring.


A fully flexible opportunity to
earn from the comfort of your
own home around all your
other commitments.


We have no targets, no quotas, no contract, you don't need to keep selling a certain
amount to keep it going. 
Book as much or as little as you like!

It's your business - your way!


You will gain access to our exclusive training groups, global supplier webinars, support chats, as well as mentoring from the UK's most successful team.

The Travel Sorority has got you!


This can be a full-time earning opportunity or a hobby that pays.  You have multiple income streams available, giving you the option to build a lucrative business on your own terms.

Live life on your terms!

Meet our One Star Director Lydia Venus

Lydia is a busy Mum to 3 who joined purely to save on her own travel.  As a family of 5 holidays became expensive, so when she discovered she could earn back on all her travel she knew she had to join and help other families do the same.

Lydia joined in August 2020 and has been extremely successful.  She has helped over 100 families earn back on all their own travel and create successful travel businesses bringing in extra incomes to their homes.

She has saved thousands on her own personal travel, as well as booking over £65,000 worth for friends and family.

When she joined she worked full-time as an Executive Assistant looking after 4 busy Managing Directors. Thanks to this business she has been able to go part-time reducing her hours and dropping a Friday completely. This has allowed her to have 1:1 with her youngest every Friday before he starts school. She is also there to pick up the children from school and take them to all their after school activities.

When she said YES to joining in 2020 she had no idea what was about to happen, she has become a business owner, a mentor and coach, makes a full time wage online from a side business and created a willable income for her children.

If Lydia can do this, so can you!


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"If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes - then learn how to do it later!" ~ Richard Branson

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